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  1. riberet19

    What is your favourite way for earning the Crypto currency

    My favorite way is trading, although it's also one of the riskiest, but it's the one I've really earned the most crypto with, I also like to earn crypto by posting content online.
  2. riberet19

    Is Bitcoin Mixer Illegal, What Do You Think?

    According to some US regulations yes, but from my point of view it is not, privacy should never be a crime as long as you use it legally, personal privacy should not be a crime.
  3. riberet19

    Yougov always allows me to complete surveys, but here in Italy it offers me too few.

    No, I'm not exaggerating, the fact that Italy is part of the European Union already positions it within a Tier-1 country, regardless of other factors, plus it's not just me, look at this map.
  4. riberet19

    iPoll survey

    I had never heard of Ipoll, I usually do all the surveys on the same website which works well for me, if one day I have to try a new one, maybe I will try Ipoll.
  5. riberet19

    Should Children Be Involved in Cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrencies still have the speculative, investment component and there are also many online scams and money theft, so a child should not be using cryptocurrencies at least without consent and supervision from a legal guardian.
  6. riberet19

    Yougov always allows me to complete surveys, but here in Italy it offers me too few.

    Yougov is one of the best sites to do paid surveys, I think it works very well for tier 1 countries, I don't know how it will work for other countries and if they will have profit opportunities.
  7. riberet19

    Are you active on the bizdustry

    You become when you are an active member, you publish good quality content and the team votes internally to decide whether to become a valued member or not by analyzing your posts, it really is not that difficult if you put effort into it and do not explicitly seek the incentive
  8. riberet19

    I discovered an app that pays instantly

    At least you have fun regardless of the money you can make, that's important, right now I'm installing the app, we'll see how good it is for me :)
  9. riberet19

    Do you really prefer faucet claiming websites?

    That's one of the best faucets on the whole internet, especially if you can access surveys and fill them out is very good.
  10. riberet19

    Are you active on the bizdustry

    Yes, I am a moderator of that website as well as Discussion Bucks, there is always the possibility of continuing to make money if you are an active poster and become a valuable contributor.
  11. riberet19

    The best litecoin wallet ever!

    Some good wallets are Exodus, Coinomi and also Trust wallet, any of that can come in handy.
  12. riberet19

    Who created Bitcoin?

    To this day, it is still not known, it is known that it was created by a person or a group of people under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, but even today there are open trials and inconclusive investigations who the acclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto is.
  13. riberet19

    I discovered an app that pays instantly

    I've seen that app advertised before, maybe I'll try it just to see how viable it can be in the long run and how long it takes you to get a dollar out of it.
  14. riberet19

    The crypto currency transactions

    What cryptocurrency is Bytecoin? Do you mean Bitcoin?
  15. riberet19

    What was the first online site you ever worked on?

    The first site I worked on was an online survey site called Keeprewarding, I think to this day that website is still operational, they also had offers.
  16. riberet19

    Length of an article?

    For me at least, an article has to be at least 1500 words, but it also depends on where you are going to write it, there are some sites that have articles even of only 600 words.
  17. riberet19


    I've never heard of this survey site, you're talking in points, but how much does that equate to $ and what is the minimum withdrawal in $?
  18. riberet19

    Hello / Goodbye Thread

    Hello everybody! what are you doing today??
  19. riberet19

    Is this the real end of forum coin or it would bounce back?

    I think all this happened since they lowered the reward per post, because the quality of the content was very poor, which led to many people leaving the website, people only focused there on getting paid and nothing else, and that happens with ptp sites, people just want the incentive.