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  1. mhizta chosen

    When was your last haircut?

    It has been long a barber trying to Barb my hair, do you know the reason? It's almost 4 years now I have not enter any barbing saloon to Barb hair. I have my own personal clippers and I do my shaving anyhow I want it.
  2. mhizta chosen

    Paid Offer! Offer #2: Earn $2.75 for making 50 posts!

    Pleased I want to ask, I'd this offer still available?
  3. mhizta chosen

    My First Payment!

    Congratulations, waiting for my turn, anyways, I have one question to ask, doest it takes Time?
  4. mhizta chosen

    Will you change your self for the person you love?

    It's depend, because for me, the friendship I want to someone who is crazy. Because normal people won't not understand my lifestyle. You know what crazy means?
  5. mhizta chosen

    What if the person you love the most don't love you back?

    That's very bad, break-up straight 🙈, if the person does not love me back, it's means we have to go our separate ways. Simple.
  6. mhizta chosen

    14 Days to Go Before Christmas

    Even your enemy will turn to cheerful giver that day, who are they deceivng? For me, I don't celebrate Christmas with some reason.
  7. mhizta chosen

    Christmas Event #3

    Mine is peppy (letter A) Month: November: little Prancer
  8. mhizta chosen

    What makes you lose trust on the person that you love?

    That's one is usually occurred when someone is in relationship with one another. There are some that move on after realizing that their partner is cheating on them. It's a choice.
  9. mhizta chosen

    How much do you earn in Discussion bucks daily?

    Interesting, actually I have a target, and think I will consider upgrading when I achieve the Target. Thanks for the information.
  10. mhizta chosen

    Earn $1.25!

    That's is my motivation. My target is 1000 post and am trying my best to reach it. Gradually am getting there soon. The platform is great.
  11. mhizta chosen

    Which writing websites pay in crypto?

    I see it as a big deal because you're fully aware that I can't come over. It's logics. You'll be off for someday on steemit, why?
  12. mhizta chosen

    How much do you earn in Discussion bucks daily?

    Am still eager to know about this ungrading, I mean the benefits, am I upgrading from the point I earn?
  13. mhizta chosen

    Which writing websites pay in crypto?

    So what exactly are you trying to say. Must I have to come over before I can get my own share? I hoped you're not going to use it as an excuse?
  14. mhizta chosen

    How much do you earn in Discussion bucks daily?

    Me that just started, Al also a newbie like you. I think it's possible to make 1$ here but that will be after she you upgrade.
  15. mhizta chosen

    Earn $1.25!

    Yeah I have registered, I think it's should be up to 2 to 3 If not mistake, my attention was not there, I had only 2 post, so today I decided to begin the journey.
  16. mhizta chosen

    Which writing websites pay in crypto?

    Interesting, good to hear that, you're Making use of the opportunity to make money. That's impressive, I like that. I hope you know that I have a share there.
  17. mhizta chosen

    Earn $1.25!

    I will always do that, am just exploring the platform today, something inspire me, am really into it now.
  18. mhizta chosen

    Which writing websites pay in crypto?

    I really love the platform, as a way of expressing your self. Creating content about your personal life or something related to you.
  19. mhizta chosen

    Which writing websites pay in crypto?

    Steemit is a great way of earning online, but the problem I have is that, I find it difficult to participate there die to lack of chances. I will resume fully by January.
  20. mhizta chosen

    What makes online business effective?

    Exactly, I also had one who always check on me even though she doesn't have an intention of buying things. Your reaction and interaction matters.