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  1. Shafaq Iqbal

    New Member here

    Yes thank you so much... 1700545369 Thank you @Hulk 👍
  2. Shafaq Iqbal

    Which writing websites pay in crypto?

    In my opinion all the writing website are not much good because work more and earn less in alot of time so I don't prefer to adapt it.
  3. Shafaq Iqbal

    Writing on phone or on computer?

    I always prefer to write faster on my Smart phone it is because of auto correction as well to increase my correct punctuation.
  4. Shafaq Iqbal

    Writing jobs

    If you have good writing skills then you should start freelancing or data writing jobs to earn handsome amount of money but I don't know the best sites for this. If you have potential search and earn well
  5. Shafaq Iqbal

    Advantages of earning online

    As you mentioned all their a lot of advantages to an online you can earn to stay at home instead of going everywhere or anywhere rather than that you can save your money fares that you spend in going everywhere just by staying at home with your mobile or computer you can earn online and even...
  6. Shafaq Iqbal

    Earning techniques and methods

    Earning money now a days is key to successful life because without money life is insane for everyone as we know nothing is without money so do some efforts to earn for better life. 1 Make a plan how to earn. 2 be determined to achieve success. 3 Find strategies to make your earning in flow. 4...
  7. Shafaq Iqbal

    Online selling services

    Now a days everyone is moving to online business instead of physical and they are launching products in market through social media platforms or pages like Facebook Instagram to promote their products for selling and earning huge amount of money and this is becoming easy for everyone because...
  8. Shafaq Iqbal

    New Member here

    Thank you but tell me how much dollars we can earn in a day with how much thread or Posts?
  9. Shafaq Iqbal

    Online business techniques

    Well in my opinion if you have the intentions to start the online bussiness first of all you should have some amount of money for investment, hard work, knowledge, planning and good ideas for running online bussiness.
  10. Shafaq Iqbal


    Bitcoin is one of digital currency high paying coin all over the world so now a days bitcoin is going really high and break the previous record to reach its peak and make people billionaire on holding this coin with patience and learning strategies.
  11. Shafaq Iqbal

    Skin Care tips

    I had gone through a worst skin damage. That's why I want to suggest you all the skin care tips that are good for your skin. - Drink plenty of water estimated 8 to 10 glasses a day - Use Sunblock of SPF 40 to 60 for your skin protection - Mosturize daily - Massage your skin with essential oils...
  12. Shafaq Iqbal

    Taking teaching as a career

    Teaching and giving education to the nation was the best career of the person but unfortunately now a days teachers salaries or incomes are not good or poor and teachers life is so struggling there is no respect by students or institutions as well that were before.
  13. Shafaq Iqbal

    What do you think about staying idle VS taking a low paying job

    I don't think so staying idle is not good thing rather than that I would love to prefer experience the low paying job to increase my knowledge instead of staying idle and useless.
  14. Shafaq Iqbal

    Paid to Post Forums: Earn Money by Participating in Online Forum Communities

    Yes definitely you are right consistency is the key to success and earning money from online forum because when you are not constants and not giving your time to such things which are necessary to move towards success on this forums than how can you say this payings are low or less.
  15. Shafaq Iqbal

    Have you ever gone on a road trip?

    I always love to go for this kind of trips like road trips are always adventurous and enjoy able specially with your friends and family as well so always try to go for road trips with your family and friends this will remind you your old memories.
  16. Shafaq Iqbal

    Have you ever make money online from survey ?

    No not at all I have never been going through this because I think this is very difficult to earn good amount of money from such kind of surveys rather than that I would like to prefer online earning forum from which we can earn handsome amount of money and knowledge as well so it's waste of...
  17. Shafaq Iqbal

    Hate is never right, and love is never wrong

    I'll absolutely agree with you because feeling of hate or love are not in our control sometimes because ups and downs are part of life and good and bad are also so we have the right to feel the love or hate of every situation if we have ups or good situation we absolutely love that but if it's...
  18. Shafaq Iqbal

    Do you have mobile money earning apps?

    Well yes I have few ones online money earning apps that are quite hard to earn but still I have my passion that I can earn through that apps so I'm still having these apps in my mobile.
  19. Shafaq Iqbal

    Which 3 apps are must haves on your mobile device and why?

    Well according to me 3 apps that are beneficial and without that mobile is useless are following 1 Chrome 2 Dictionary or language converter 3 Money transfer app Because all of above apps are beneficial everytime in daily life.
  20. Shafaq Iqbal

    What to do when your mobile device falls into water/liquid?

    If this really happen to your Smart phone or mobile so firstly remove the battery or charger and switch it off for at least 1 day and give it time to become properly dry the liquid inside out.