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Discussion Bucks Currency Overview

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Sep 2, 2023
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Discussion Bucks (D Bucks) - The Official Forum Currency

Welcome to the dynamic currency system of our forum, Discussion Bucks (D Bucks)! D Bucks is more than just a point system—it's a way to recognize and reward your active participation and contributions to our vibrant community. We're excited to bring you an enhanced earning system that aligns with our commitment to quality discussions and community engagement.

How You Can Earn D Bucks:
  • Earning Tiers: Our system includes several tiers, each with its own earning potential for thread creation and posting.
    • Novice Scribe - You start with this tier.
    • Wordsmith - You reach this tier once you hit 500 posts across the forum.
    • Literary Virtuoso - You reach this tier once you hit 1000 posts across the forum.
  • Universal Earnings: You can earn D Bucks across all forum sections, with varying rates based on the section's relevance and value.
  • Tier-Based Rewards: Your earnings are determined by your tier level, rewarding consistent contributors.
  • Daily Limits: To ensure fair distribution, there's a daily cap on how much you can earn. Beyond this limit, earnings are reduced to 25% of the normal rate.
    • You can create 7 posts and 3 threads per day at the full pay rate before your pay reverts to 25% 5% (temporary change) of the regular earnings amount.
  • Character Minimums: We encourage meaningful contributions. Posts and threads must meet minimum character requirements to qualify for rewards.
    • Posts must contain a minimum of 100 characters to be rewarded.
    • Threads must contain a minimum of 200 characters to be rewarded.
Stay Informed on the Latest Rates: For detailed information on the updated earning rates for each tier and forum section, please refer to our comprehensive Google Sheet: View Current Earning Rates.

Cash Out Details:
  • Threshold: Cash out your earnings once you reach $3.00.
  • Payment Schedule: Regular members receive bi-monthly payments (on the 15th and last day of every month); Gold Supporters enjoy weekly cash outs.
  • Payment Options: Options vary from PayPal for free members to exclusive cryptocurrency redemption for subscribers.
We deeply appreciate your involvement in our forum community and look forward to seeing your continued growth with Discussion Bucks. Your engagement and insights are what make this community thrive.

Thank you for being an essential part of our journey!
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