Do really monetize on your website? And how are you doing that? | Discussion Bucks

Do really monetize on your website? And how are you doing that?

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Jan 7, 2024
D Bucks
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As we all know that there are many website monetization strategies. These may range from the affliate marketing to thy selling of ads spaces to various adnetworks.
For me, the best way to monetize an app or website is, for example, by releasing some function for your target audience to see before carrying out any important action within the application and also using interstitial ads when opening.
I used to offer my freelancing services and it turned out to be quite profitable. In fact, my website even earned a page rank of 2 which opened up a lot of great opportunities for me.
I have half a dozen websites, all monetized with adsense. The primary aim of running websites, for me, is to run ads and make money from ads. About 40 percent of my income comes form ads on my websire
I don't have a website, but if I had one it would definitely be part of my plans to be able to monetize it.
I have more than 20 websites on blogger. Most of these web sites are bearing my affiliate links. I feel it easy and applicable type thing to get money from your website by affiliate products links.