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Free vs paid software

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Sep 29, 2023
D Bucks
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When it comes to build your website, how do you do it, do you use free software or paid software? As far as I am concerned, I like using free software. When I use free software, I can build website for free and use what ever I have for marketing my website. Whether it is a blog, forum, or an online store, I always use free software. However, I am also open to using paid software, especially the ones that can be used to build forums
If the free software has everything I need, all the features then I prefer using this.
I use mostly free softwares and free apps. I don't have money to paid now. Let me be using the one i can be able to afford. Though paid version have some features which the free version don't have.
I think using paid software is better as it usually has very good additional features that the free versions don't, those features can help you scale, that's why paying extra for that software can be beneficial as long as you have done your research.
The software can be expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of free software options that can help simplify your life. These programs can be really helpful and won't cost you a penny.