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How to Create Evergreen Content to Increase Traffic?

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Oct 1, 2023
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Evergreen content is content that is optimized for search engines so that this content will always be fresh, relevant and up to date, and evergreen content can also last a long time and is always useful for many people. So evergreen content will also always be sought after, in contrast to news content which is only in short period of time and then people forget. Some examples of evergreen content are: 5 Ways to increase traffic, 3 Ways to lose weight, 9 Legit ways to make money online etc. So how do you create evergreen content to increase traffic?
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The key to having evergreen content in by researching on problems that people will always need solved. Anything that ensures a good quality of life like health and wealth are good choices. Technology is good too, but it is fast paced in some sub niches
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Evergreen content always remain in demand, one time hard work required and then get income passively. I myself have so many blogs on evergreen topics as how to lose weight, health benefits of banana etc.
It is tough because the number of tips should be fully different not tip one is inspired by tip four, which means you need to research a lot and read your article before publishing it on your site for example.
Focus on timeless topics, provide valuable information, optimize for SEO, utilize engaging formats, update content regularly, and promote across platforms. Evergreen content sustains relevance, attracting and retaining traffic over time.