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Invest your face

Invest your face by applying for jobs like modeling, ad endorsers, and more that require good-looking young ladies and boys. Just have a gut because you have a face to promote.
Of course looking good will make you look more seriuos better and confident if you are not looking great people won't take your seriuosly
Unfortunately, that's how the world (at least, the Western world) runs. There are plenty of my fellow citizens in my former country whose life is an eternal complaining cause their appearance. One of them told he gets low marks in the university because the professors, when they see his face, they don't take him seriously and automatically they undervalue his performance on the exams. A lot of them claim they can't get a girlfriend (or a boyfriend, but in such a case, most of the women prefer to shut up than showing their personal mishaps to the rest of the world as my fellow citizens men do). In fact, a lot of friends of mine in my former country are still single-never married at their fifties and sixties.I'm afraid the greater fault is their appearance:cry: