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LLLL.com domain sold for $XXXX

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Oct 21, 2023
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I have been complaining about how I alone pay for domain renewals, while housewives and others who are well connected fake domain ownership to get great powers, monthly government salary at my expense, while I am criminally defamed wherever I go. It appears that finally some one acknowledged that I was telling the truth about domain investing , the risk involved and the financial fraud on the investor since 2010, so the LLLL.com domain was sold at a good price, my highest domain sale till date, XXXX.com to pay domain renewal fees.
If you have some money to invest in domains, it is advisable to invest in LLLL.com domains, you can develop the websites, or also sell for a good price if any buyer is interested.
As someone who also does domaining, its always nice to see sales!
I own over 200 domains, so I only need to sell a few a year to cover renewals.
Selling domains is very difficult, especially non-premium domains. Other than forums, which other platforms do you use for selling domains? What is the best price you have got for your domains?