The CryptoCrest of Prosperity NFT Raffle - 1 of 2 Unique Discussion Bucks NFT | Discussion Bucks

The CryptoCrest of Prosperity NFT Raffle - 1 of 2 Unique Discussion Bucks NFT

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Joshua Farrell

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Sep 21, 2023
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CryptoCrest of Prosperity NFT [Ultra Rare]
I have recently purchased one of two available items of the CryptoCrest of Prosperity, and decided that I am going to raffle it off.

This raffle will be open for 1 week from today for entries, and a winner will then be randomly picked in a week. If there are 9 or less entries, the raffle will be extended by 24 hour segments, till the minimum entries for this raffle are reached. Once the date have been reached, I will then randomly pick the winner through Once the winner has been randomly picked, I will then announce it here in this thread, and donate the NFT to the individual user.

May the user who has the best luck, win!

Item Being Raffled: CryptoCrest of Prosperity NFT [Ultra Rare]
Minimum Raffle Entries Needed for Raffle Draw: 10 Individual Users with atleast 1 Entry each; or a minimum of 5 individual users, with a total of 10 entries split between them.
Raffle Entry Cost: 1 DBucks
Available Raffle Entries Per User: 5 Entries MAX Per User
Raffle Date, if Minimum Entries are Met: December 20, 2023 (20 December 2023)
Raffle Date, If Raffle Minimum is Not Met: December 21, 2023 (21 December 2023)
Entries Made:
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This is awesome, I hope that people will choose to participate in this raffle! I may place out a sitewide announcement for this raffle. :)
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As I mentioned, I prefer to be able to do the raffle on the date I chose for the raffle. So if you would like to participate, please do so before then!
I think no one seems to be interested from @Registered because I cannot participate lonely in the draw and withdrawal requirements are not met. May consider shop items from the shop when reaching 8 DBucks if compatible with Exodus wallet if @Joshua Farrell could enlight me in this point. I participate otherwise in the current raffle.
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Doesn't matter on ability to withdraw or not, just having the amount to send for the entry, which I have noted you have sent, @saoussen5765. :)

No idea regarding the exodus wallet.
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