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What are the best tips for increasing your website traffic?

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I think that the proper placing of the website keywords on the search engines would increase it's visibility on the common search engines hence increasing the traffic of the website.
Quality content is the king but you must market your website for people to see. Therefore, having quality content is one thing and exposing it to wide audience another. If you can do these two things properly, you will get quality traffic in no time.
A website that is appealing creates a heavy traffic. Always modify and enhance the contents of your website because it's how to attract viewers. And having many viewers means money.
I shared a lot and videos I created for YouTube and forums. Currently, many people spend a little on ad campaigns, which I think are quite efficient in increasing website traffic.
Ads can drive traffic for sure but the problem is that viewers gotten that way won't return if they don't find anything interesting or captivating in your website that can bring them back.