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Feedback Ads Manager not assessable with Gold VIP

Joshua Farrell

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Sep 21, 2023
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Not sure if this was done on purpose, or if permissions settings wasn't too clear. The ability to purchase ad space through the ads manager is disabled for Gold VIP Members.

I know, the group has adfree, so the "view ads" setting obviously is set to no. Not sure if the other settings had to be disabled for the VIP, as it kinda seems counter-intuitive to not allow VIP to submit advertising, even though they don't see the advertising itself.

Someone probably should make sure all of the VIP groups has options to pay for advertising, even with the groups that are adfree, being set to not see the ads.
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@Joshua Farrell - This has been resolved. Thank you for the information. :)
Thanks! Last night I was wondering where it disappeared to after I upgraded (half awake at that point), then I realized it this morning.
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