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Any new PoW coins on the market?

Joshua Farrell

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Sep 21, 2023
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Does anyone know of any new cryptocurrency project that uses PoW as its consensus mechanism? It seems to me that mineable coins are becoming extinct these days. We can blame the government for its false propaganda regarding the "high energy consumption" of PoW cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, 99% of new coins are centralized PoS. I'd be surprised if there's anything new on the market with PoW behind it.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.
A year ago I also searched for new cryptos that implemented proof of work mechanical consensus, but it didn't produce much results and I didn't find any new cryptos created after 2021. Previously I found a new crypto from China, namely Conflux (CFX) which was launched in in 2020 it used a PoW consensus mechanism, but in 2022 the Conflux blockchain carried out a Hydra Upgrade which combined PoW and PoS.