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Currency Exchange D Bucks to Crypto Withdraw Exchange Service

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Sep 21, 2023
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DBucks to Crypto Currency Withdraw Service

Hi there! This service I had previously offered for general payouts from paypal to crypto, has been updated to be focused for those withdrawing from the forum, to get payment in Crypto. If you want to get paid but don't have PayPal, feel free to post in this thread how much you want to transfer to me for a withdraw request.

Once the transfer is made, I will request a withdrawal to my PayPal by the end of the day for all those who want to participate in this service, and then forward the balance requests to each persons' Litecoin or USD-T address within 24 hours, or when payment is sent out.

Exchange Info
Minimum to Transfer from PayPal to Crypto:
$10 D Bucks
Service Fee: 10% paid upfront, in addition to requested amount.
Total Needed for Minimum Transfer: $11 D Bucks ($10 D Bucks Minimum + 10% Fee)
Crypto Currencies Available to Send to: Litecoin and USD-T via ERC-20
Day Withdraw Request is Put In for Distribution: Daily
Extra Info:
If in doubt with the total needed at minimum, please read the above information again,as I gave the total needed for a minimum request. Any amount above that, you have the percentage provided above needed to calculate how much you need to add to the total you want.

As a reminder, if you want 50 D Bucks cashed out immediately and you don't have access to the crypto wallets, you need to send me 55 D Bucks.

The total sent to you after I put in the request to withdraw for you, may be different than the amount you want, as there are fees involved with PayPal and Crypto purchasing and transfer. This doesn't include the potential issue with the price of Crypto rising or dropping in price. So don't be surprised to find out you end up having less than expected.

I recommend getting a USD-Tether wallet in the ERC-20 block (Ethereum Network), as the amount being sent to you will fluctuate less than Litecoin.

To better facilitate and to know who is requesting payout, I need the following form filled out, BEFORE you send the donation to my account. I will not take your donation and put it in a request, unless I see the following form filled out correctly and have then told you to donate.

FORM to Fill Out
Amount in D Bucks you want to Withdraw: (Amount you want me to request)
Do You Understand The Fee amount?: (Yes or No)
Total you are sending: (This is the amount you want to withdraw, plus fees)
Crypto Wallet: (Litecoin or USD-T ERC-20 Wallet)

To reiterate, if you send me the amount you want requested BEFORE I agree to the request, the amount you send to me, will be considered a donation and is NON REFUNDABLE.
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