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Did you get the Covid vaccine

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Sep 26, 2023
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Without spreading misinformation or whatever did you get the Covid vaccine? I did because the country came out with vaccine passes and if I hadn't got it I wouldn't have been able to go anywhere. I wasn't going to get the vaccines due to needle phobia.
No, I didn't take the covid vaccine though. Because I rarely go somewhere that requires vaccines. And now it is back to normal as usual, there is no longer any discussion about vaccines.
I don't get the vaccine because Covid is not serious in my community. Secondly, there is fear that the Covid vaccine is more dangerous than Covid. Though, i stayed away from the vaccine simply because Covid is not serious in my community.
I have completed 4 vaccines for COVID-19. My entire family has completed too. It is better to be safe than sorry. The virus is just lurking around waiting for the right host.
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Yes, I did get the COVID-19 vaccine despite my fear of needles.
Hehe yeah that's everybody's feeling. I was nervous actually thinking about the side effects but the side effect I noticed was I felt terribly hungry before and after meal. It was so ridiculous but better than having a high fever side effect.
No I think it is not really necessary at this moment but in my country there is a lot of people that is against vaccines and that is pretty wierd
No i did not get it, though some of my relatives had it but i have not gotten mine yet. I heard it is usually painful, how true is this? I remember back then there where lots of rumors around it.
I got the vaccine jab,it was johnsons and johnsons,i just had to be safe from the covid virus.Yes it is mandatory that everytime you move from country to country you will have to present a proof certifcate of vaccination.I loved the jab i was given but i did not like the idea of booster shots.
I took two vaccines but did not take the booster dose that is only meant for the old folks (who are past a certain age threshold) in our nation
I had my Covid vaccines and booster shot. I had side effects on my third shot I feel my arm sore. I had sinovac and astra zeneca
I had my Covid vaccines and booster shot. I had side effects on my third shot I feel my arm sore. I had sinovac and astra zeneca
It was a must in our country to get injected twice and boosted twice. My vaccine was Moderna vaccine and booster.
Yes I have gotten the one for this year and hopefully will present self for that of next year. it feels good to take it to protect self again the disease
Vaccination here stopped in one year, but it will resume because of the emergence of a flu-like sickness. It is also highly contagious. We are back to wearing face masks this time.
I am a health profession and it was mandatory for me to take the covid vaccine, for me it was not a choice its mandatory so i took it. And i never faced any thing, like any vaccine my arm get some pain but it was normal.
I was also the most forced to get the vaccine, because without it I was not allowed to apply for work and I needed it, so in just a couple of hours I went and got the first stage of vaccination