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Discussion Bucks Tier Progression Information

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Elevate Your Journey with Discussion Bucks Tier Progression

Welcome to the pathway of advancement within Discussion Bucks! If you're keen to climb the tiers and enhance your experience, here's everything you need to know about our tiered system, designed to reward your engagement and contributions.

Our Tier Hierarchy:​

1. Novice Scribe:
  • Starting Point: Your journey begins here as soon as you join the Discussion Bucks community.
2. Wordsmith:
  • Unlock the Next Level: Elevate to Wordsmith status by reaching a milestone of 500 posts (excluding the introduction section).
  • Increased Earnings: This promotion brings with it a rewarding increase in your earnings.
3. Literary Virtuoso:
  • The Pinnacle of Participation: Attain this elite status by contributing 1000 posts (excluding introductions).
  • Top-Tier Earnings: Enjoy another significant boost in your earning potential.

Why the High Posting Thresholds?​

We believe in rewarding active participation and quality contributions. Here's why our thresholds are set to encourage genuine engagement:
  • Paid-to-Post Model: As a forum where every post earns you Discussion Bucks, we've set no daily limit on your earning potential. Active members can seamlessly progress through the tiers.
  • Quality Assurance: High post requirements ensure the maintenance of quality content, deterring spam and low-effort posts.
  • Fair Play: We uphold a strict no-spam policy. Any spam or subpar content will be removed, and earnings from such posts will be revoked.
At Discussion Bucks, every post counts, and so does every member. As you actively participate, you'll naturally progress through the tiers, unlocking new levels of earning and engagement. We're excited to see your contributions and growth in our community!

Remember, your voice matters here. Let's make every post count!
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