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Earning on Marketplaces like Fiverr

Joshua Farrell

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Sep 21, 2023
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Do any of you have content or writing related services on Fiverr, or have tried doing so in the past? How well have it worked for you?

Been interested in using them to post some writing services on to earn money from interested people, but it seems like it might be hard to get into, without providing some back history in descriptions for showing past work.
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I created an account on the fivver website some time ago. My intention was to sell my services to interested fivver users. This objective was however not achieved as many factors came in the way. The main issue was that I did not have ample time to engage with the site.

I recently went back to fivver and discovered that things have since changed for the worse for those interested in selling services. The competition there is insane.
I have a Fiverr account, but never engaged in the activities. As I discovered tax laws in my country forbid such digital activities to small businesses like mine. In order to work for content marketplaces like Fiverr, we should first register as freelancers and it costs a huge amount of money (out of a stressful bureaucracy), near to the 25% of a minimum salary on a monthly basis, even when we don't earn a single cent.

The competition there is insane.
Having known about the tough competition that strongly disfavours the new entries and consequently the great difficult to get a GIG, I preferred to quit. In any way, it's insane to pay taxes that sums around 58-60 dollars per month when we are able to earn only up to 20 (only the former FIVERR users earn discreetly, until I know).
I have actually tried working on fiverr and other platforms like fiverr before in the past but in the end it did not really turn out the way i wanted it to. I have not been able to make any sales there.
Until I know, freelancers recruiting sites like FIVERR worked very well for new entries during their beginning. I remember a Spanish boy who had enough customers for translations GIGs in spite of his English level being only intermediate. Now, until I know, customers want a mother tongue level and I only bump into forums where users complain about translators owning even C1 (European standard) level. In such a way, competition became tough at the point there is no more place for a newbie who is not very, very skilled. And to become very, very skilled, we usually need a wealthy family who invested a huge amount of money in our education, especially when we are young. Otherwise, we must work very, very hard.
I created a Fivver account years ago when I heard about it on Bubblews, if not, the other online earning sites. After creating, I explored a bit but I thought there were so much competition on the said platform. So I dismissed the fact that I can start my own niche and earn. Instead, I joined other earning sites but not Fivver.
I have used Fiverr before in 2012. There is Build My Rank articles before that are short articles and easy to do. I offered this service and I got customers there. When Build My Rank close I lost my job there too