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Entertainment redefined


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Sep 30, 2023
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When one hears of the word 'entertainment' what comes to mind normally is music, videos, dramas, concerts and what have you But I get entertained even when I see my pets and their activity.

We have had many pets dogs and cats and I could write stories on each of them and the hours of entertainment they have provided.
Peppie is now 5 years old he is the most amusing pet of all specially with his sleeping poses. He is interesting, kind, gentle specially with his daughter who is just two months old.

What entertains yu?
I generally people watch for entertainment, when I am away from electronics. It's fun to see what people do in public, when they are going to and from stores and other places where they know better, but still act certain ways.
There you are. You get entertained looking at people and how they behave and that can be really entertaining better than me watching Peppie :)