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Favorite Social Media

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Sep 26, 2023
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What's your favorite social media? Mine is Facebook!

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I find the conversations on Facebook boring (except ones from my family members who live far away), so I would rather spend my time on Discussion Forums like this one or Forum Coin or even Fusioncash Forum which is gone terribly downhill lately and only includes US or Canada membership.
My favorite would be Whatsapp because this is the one social media app i use on a daily basis. I have both a business Whatsapp account and a regular Whatsapp account. I find it a lot easier to communicate with my customers through WhatsApp.
My favorite social media are WhatsApp and Telegram, I open them every day and several times a day. And make it the main communication tool for both personal and business matters. 😊
I have to give three answers here,facebook is good to get and attract then i direct them to my whatapp.Telegram is good if you have recorded content or pdfs that you would like to keep on sharing.i like that order.Facebook,Whatsapp and Telegram.
I use Facebook the most. I have a lot of family and friends that live far away, and this is the best way to keep in touch with them, watch kids grow up, learn about weddings/deaths, etc... I don't know what platform I could switch to that offers me all that.
My favorite social media site is Instagram. I enjoy scrolling through it whenever I have free time. I use Facebook rarely; I only open it when I feel like I haven't used it for a while.
Mine is YouTube. I get most of my entertainment from there and I spend hours with videos playing in the background as I do other tasks or sometimes watch the videos attentively. YouTube is multipurpose for both education and entertainment as well as a companion to just feel less alone during times I have no other voice to listen to.
What's your favorite social media? Mine is Facebook!

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Social media... I guess I'd have to say YouTube and Instagram. Those two is where I spent most of my time just mindlessly scrolling/watching anything that's got my interest.
Yes I love Facebook too. For a long time I ignore Facebook as I thought people there are just bragging about their lives. I enjoy it now as a tool to express myself and make friends and promote business. I don't like TikTok but I love YouTube
My favorite social network was Instagram, but I see that this social network has degraded too much, so now my favorite social network is Facebook
My favorite social media is facebook and telegram, both are best and easy to use and in my country most of the society use telegeram form messaging each other, and yeah there is tiktok but i use tiktok only for enjoying, i don't see any useful thing on tiktok.
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