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Game you ended up hating?

Joshua Farrell

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Sep 21, 2023
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What's a game you thought you'd like but actually ended up hating?

The Sims 4 I couldn't completely wrap my head around, due to how they made it so that you could build multi level houses without a foundation directly under any floor above the second floor. I got the game through my sister, and tried playing it for a week on custom mode, and could never get things to work out for me.
Though there are some games i ended up disliking due to how new updates turn out to be. but i won't say i outright hate them though. There was a super hero game i downloaded from playstore some years back, the game was pretty awesome back then. Though it was more of a stimulation game but it had a superhero that could fly, shoot lasers from his eyes and even lift cars and objects with his mind. It was pretty awesome back then since i have always been a fan of superhero movies and the likes. As time went on they began updating the game and they ended up turning it into a 3d game. One would think this would make the game better but in reality they made the whole game worse. I stopped playing it since then.
Sorry but, i didn't like Mafia 3, i was so hype and so exited to play that game but after i install it and start the game i end up hating it and didn't even finish the game, but my brother loved the game and he finished it.
For me, CS GO became this game the most because I started with this game and I liked it for a long time, but over time the game simply stopped developing and a lot of cheaters appeared, which led to the fact that I simply hated this game