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Honda Now Accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum As Payment Methods

Joshua Farrell

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Sep 21, 2023
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As the Heading implies. Honda the giant of Japanese automobile now accept bitcoin and ethereum for payment through a third party partnership deal with a blockchain payment system called FCF Pay.
Honda not only taken the bold step of accepting crypto as payment option, also managed to expand their already huge user base with this important development.


With such an opportunity to spend btc to buy luxury cars-
*Will you be willing to spend your btc to buy car from Honda? Or any other automobile company that will follow the Honda's part?

*Which other automobile company would you want to also accept btc for payment?

*Is this news big enough to trigger market uptrend in the coming weeks, months?
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In Croatia for few years few car dealers accept crypto payments for cars. One is official Ford dealer but they can find you any car they want so you can buy every brand of car with crypto. They accept BTC, LTC, BCH. ETH.
This is amazing news that financial inclusion is keeping on expanding and this just goes to say that nomatter the backlash,crytpocurrency is here to stay.More and more companies are coming onboard and recognizig that cryptocurrency is actually legal tender.Kudus to them for braving up.
This is a big plus to the entire crypto industry. When reputable companies like these accept Crypto as payment options, it is an direct endorsement on the crypto industry and can make governments to consider accepting crypto mainstream b
More adoption like this before the halving gives more exposure for crypto, but the best thing about it is that it allows cryptocurrency users to actually use it for the purpose it was designed.
Using crypto for transactions as an enthusiast definitely hits differently.