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Marvel vs DC

For me as long as its interesting in terms of good plot, action sequence and the likes, i do not really mind watching any one of them. Though i prefer DC, i have always had a soft spot for DC right from the very beginning.
I prefer Marvel even though I'm not really into superhero movies, but it is still nice to watch some of them in general these days. I watch less and less movies, and I would want to break that and watch some interesting movies, maybe in the future.
Why not both? I can't choose one side since both are great. Even latest movies on not on level when it started. Best example is Flash when I give up from movie after 15 minutes.
I like the Marvel movies because they have many super hero moves than the DC movies and some of my favorite movies are produced by the marvel, the one move i like on the DC movies is batman.
Batman is Dark Knight but in latest movies you can barely see him. Really, almost entire movie is in dark and since he is in black suit you can barely see him. Cartoons are much better.
You are right the movie seen is recorded and edited in that way to make the viewer wonder about things, but that is not comfortable for some of us and you are right if we don't see the character there is no use.
I like Marvel better because, in my opinion, they have a more serious studio than Ds, and the special effects are also much better. And DS in the last film Shazam has simply terrible special effects