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Mobrog Review: SCAM OR LEGIT?


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Sep 25, 2023
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Mobrog is an online rewards platform that pays users to test out websites, try products, take surveys and more. Here is an overview of Mobrog and some tips for cashing out your earnings:


On Mobrog, users primarily earn by testing websites, apps, and products. You get paid for visiting sites, trying products, completing tasks, and providing feedback. Surveys are also available but more limited.

Payments are issued in points called Mobrog Coins which can be cashed out via PayPal once a 10,000 coin threshold is met. Several gift card options are also available.


- Lots of testing and feedback opportunities
- Easy to qualify and complete tasks
- PayPal cash out option


- 10,000 coin minimum cashout
- Limited daily tasks and earnings potential
- Routine testing can become tedious

Tips for Cashing Out

- Check site daily and complete all available tasks
- Cash out at 10,000 coins to PayPal
- Combine earning from surveys and testing
- Refer friends to earn bonus coins

Overall, Mobrog provides a simple option for earning a little extra money by testing websites and products. Just be sure to cash out your earnings regularly once you meet the minimum.
I used to answer surveys from Mobrog. It's actually the first survey sites that I registered and I was able to make a cash out from it after several. months. Mobrog don't give points if screened so I had stopped taking their surveys after my first payout.
I believe it is a legitimate survey website. However, I get screened out in the middle of answering the surveys, and more often than not, I do not qualify, so I am not active on this survey website.
It is a legit site and was a member of this survey site, but I stopped doing surveys there. I never experienced a payout. There is always a message saying no surveys are available. It was so discouraging, so I better stop.