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PrimeOpinion Review: SCAM OR LEGIT?


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Sep 25, 2023
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PrimeOpinion is an online survey community that rewards users for sharing their opinions on brands, products and services. Here is an overview and some tips for cashing out earnings:


The main way to earn money on PrimeOpinion is by taking surveys that typically take 10-20 minutes. Surveys pay between $1-$5 cash via PayPal and new options are added daily.

Once a user reaches $50 in earnings, they can request a PayPal cash out. Amazon gift cards are also available for redemption.


- Cash rewards for surveys (no points)
- Low $50 PayPal cash out threshold
- User-friendly interface


- Screening out is common
- Earnings limited to just surveys
- Delay in receiving payments

Tips for Cashing Out

- Check site daily and complete all available surveys
- Provide thoughtful, detailed survey responses
- Request PayPal payment once at $50
- Don’t let earnings expire unused

Overall, PrimeOpinion provides a decent way to earn a little extra spending money by sharing your opinion through surveys. The instant cash rewards and low cashout minimum are nice perks if you have the patience.