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Red Flags in life

Joshua Farrell

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Sep 21, 2023
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What are some red flags to watch out for in your day to day life?

I've seen some red flags be how strangers act, when they are planning on doing something to someone in public. They usually are twitchy and tend to stare at people that may be vulnerable.
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There are many red flags in life that we should be aware of. One is having someone who makes excuses for their bad behavior, be it your coworkers, family, or friends. Having someone in your life with that kind of mindset is a walking red flag.
Over the years of dealing with people both online and offline, I have learned to read a lot of the red flags that I have missed in the past.

One of them that I have noticed recently is how people can act in a certain way and a bullying and intimidating way and then act like it was a joke.
One red flag you should look out for especially when dealing with people is people that lie. Does who lie would make bad friends and worse bad business partners. Due to their nature of lying, it would be pretty difficult to trust them as they may not also see the truth. This could affect your business and personal life negative cause being friends with them would make others tag you as a liar as well.
There are lots of red flags in life that we can encounter, criminals' eyes will always be looking for the victim, always looking to the right or left or when he is sitting in a corner, there are also red flags such as finding an envelope in a car with the doors locked and we should ignore it.
There are some red flags to watch out for in your daily life. In relationships, if there is no respect or love, then it certainly is a red flag. Meanwhile, when it comes to the online world, you must watch out for scammers. LOL
One red flag that I noticed in people and run away from are people that don't take responsibility for their actions. Run for them , they are moving danger zones
I don't like lies and injustice in any form the most because it affects my condition very much and even because of a small lie my mood can turn from good to bad