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Sep 2, 2023
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The civil fraud trial into former President Trump's business dealings, which could impact his control over prized properties, commenced. The trial stems from allegations of inflating property values for loans and insurance. Trump attended, displaying frustration and criticizing the judge and attorney general. Witnesses, including Trump's accountant, Donald Bender, testified. Michael Cohen, Trump's former attorney, is expected to testify regarding Trump's desire to boost his Forbes ranking. Trump's legal team contends there was no intent to defraud, emphasizing subjectivity in property values. The trial's outcome holds implications for Trump's financial and political future.

Key Moments:
  • Trump expressed frustration and called the trial a "witch hunt."
  • The trial adjourned for the day, with Bender's testimony to resume.
  • Cohen, a former Trump lawyer, is set to testify.
  • Trump's legal team argued against fraud intent, highlighting subjectivity in property values.
Courtroom Drama:
  • Trump left the courtroom after glowering at the New York Attorney General.
  • Trump called for the judge's disbarment, alleging interference in an election.
  • Lawyers sparred over the government's reliance on Michael Cohen, Trump's ex-fixer.
  • Trump's legal team asserted no intent to defraud, citing disclaimers on financial statements.
  • Trump's attorney criticized the state's case as storytelling without evidence.
Judge's Ruling:
  • Judge Arthur Engoron expressed determination to maintain courtroom decorum.
  • He denied media's request to televise the trial but allowed a small pool of photographers.
Legal Context:
  • The trial involves allegations of civil fraud related to property value inflation.
  • Trump faces additional criminal charges and civil cases.
  • Outcome implications for Trump's financial and political future.
This is some interesting case and funny why it is hitting up like this when we are nearing the the race for campaigns to the 2024 presidential candidates selection.I think the Blues are afraid of the Red and Trump.These in in my case are trumped up allegations.Actually Trump has quite some legal battles that are ahead of him.Thank goodness he is winning some.

NB:I am just a keen follower of news and my comment is barely on personal opinion and expression and in no way does it reflect that i have a particular preference of any American presidential candidate nor am i affilliated in any way to the Right or the left.
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