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YouGov Review: SCAM OR LEGIT?


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Sep 25, 2023
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YouGov is an online community that rewards users for sharing opinions by taking surveys and polls. Here is an overview of YouGov and some tips for cashing out:


YouGov sends registered members survey invites via email. Surveys typically take 5-15 minutes and cover topics like consumer products, politics, healthcare and more.

Each survey is worth between 25-100 points. Once a member accrues 5000 points they can cash out their earnings. Rewards are issued via check,sweepstakes entries, gift cards or charity donations.


- Well-known, reputable survey community
- Broad range of survey topics
- Donate earnings to charity if desired


- Inconsistent and infrequent survey invites
- Small earnings that take time to accumulate
- Delayed reward processing

Tips for Cashing Out

- Ensure profile is completed to qualify for more surveys
- Cash out every 5000 points instead of letting accumulate
- Select check redemption for fastest payout
- Use points for sweepstakes entries for fun

Overall, YouGov provides an easy way to share your opinion through surveys and earn a little extra money on the side. Just be patient accumulating points to cash out rewards.
I have experience of this site which is legit in all aspect it pays on time plus it's payment methods is so suitable for almost every individual. Only one problem I am facing as it gives very less number of surveys.
YouGov is legit and am a member of this site but so sad, I was about to cash out when the site no longer sent me surveys. I may like to say they scammed me.
100% Legit! Been with them for years and had payouts. But like any other survey sites, it takes patience and a long time to reach the threshold for cash out. Surveys does not come frequently but once it does, there's no disqualification and that's what's best about YouGov for me. Their surveys also are mostly quick and easy to answer. Its worth your time to try if surveys are your thing.