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Official Event Exciting March 2024 Contest: Boost Your Engagement with Discussion Bucks x MicroLikes! - $75+


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Sep 2, 2023
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Exciting March 2024 Contest: Boost Your Engagement with Discussion Bucks x MicroLikes!

Greetings, Discussion Bucks Community!

This March, we're thrilled to introduce an exclusive contest designed to enrich our forum's vibrancy and foster deeper engagement with our esteemed partner, MicroLikes.com, presented by ForumRace.com. While our platform traditionally hasn't hosted monthly contests, we're excited to pilot this initiative. Its success could pave the way for future engagements, offering a fresh avenue to enhance participation and collaboration.

Here’s How You Can Dive In:
  1. Ensure you're a registered user on MicroLikes.com.
  2. Link your MicroLikes account with your Discussion Bucks profile. Detailed integration steps are available at Discussion Bucks MicroLikes Integration Guide.
  3. Continue to engage by posting and creating topics as you usually do.
Rewards on the Horizon:

The five most prolific contributors in March will earn MicroLikes rewards, with each MicroLike valued at $0.01. It's a fantastic way to convert your forum activity into tangible benefits!

Reward Structure:

We're offering over $75 in rewards, distributed among the top 10 contributors as follows:
  • First Place: $20
  • Second Place: $15
  • Third Place: $10
  • Fourth Place: $7
  • Fifth Place: $6
  • Sixth Place: $5
  • Seventh Place: $4
  • Eighth Place: $3
  • Ninth Place: $3
  • Tenth Place: $2
  • 11th to 15th Place: $0.25
  • 16th to 20th Place: $0.10
The rewards will be credited in MicroLikes, with 1 MicroLike equivalent to $0.01, enabling you to reap the benefits of your contributions directly.

Quality Over Quantity:

We're committed to maintaining the quality of discussions within our community. Thus, while we encourage active participation, it's crucial that all contributions adhere to our forum guidelines. High-quality, relevant posts that enrich our community discourse are what we seek. Posts deemed as spam or of low quality will not only disqualify you from this contest but could affect eligibility for future contests.

Stay Informed and Competitive:

Curious about your standing? The Top 10 Posters of the Month page is your go-to resource. Updated in real-time, it offers a snapshot of your activity relative to your peers, adding an element of friendly competition to your forum experience.

We're eager to see how this contest brings our community closer, sparking insightful discussions and robust interactions. Dive in, share your perspectives, and let's make March 2024 a month of meaningful engagement and rewarding experiences!

Warm regards,
I hope everyone will participate, and participate with quality content. I know it can be an issue at times to maintain a certain level of quality, but I hope this contest helps with that!
Wow, this is super exciting, we are starting this year with some exciting offers. This is indeed going to bring some much fire and keep us glued to Dbucks almost 24/7. I am game for this contest and let the best win although we are all winners in one way or the other. Discussionbucks you lead and others follow. LET US GO BE CHAMPIONS....
This is so amazing, though I might not be that active this month cause am out of time for a project😩😩, but am definitely going to try my best. Thanks @Devin
I think this is like the biggest posting contest that I have ever seen on a forum. There are lots of opportunities here to just nick a prize for yourself. Let's go guys.
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I'd like to participate, but I'm afraid my academic job will represent an obstacle to this purpose. I have a timeline to respect to deliver it ready to the university, so I doubt I could be as active as I'd desire. In any way, I own yet a MicroLikes account.
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