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Opinions on Native Coins/Tokens of Exchanges?

Joshua Farrell

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Sep 21, 2023
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So, one thing that's been on my mind is the native tokens of exchanges. You know, those little guys that make the crypto world go 'round within specific exchange platforms.

Basically BNB holds 1st place as the top most native token, and the growth of that coin is really high over time. And it is really also volatile at this point. so I started looking more around native tokens.

And, so MAX token, I recently got introduced to it via its listing on Bitget exchange, so I understand some of you may not familiar with MAX. It is the utility token issued by MaiCoin Asset Exchange based in Taipei, Taiwan and it is a part of MaiCoin Group. Charlie Lee and Vitalik are also advisors of this group and so if you remember, Vitalik was giving an update about ETH 2.0 at Maicoin STO conference in Taipei a long time ago and also did a podcast with Maicoin, discussing Ethereum's transition to Proof of Stake, regulatory challenges, economic disparities in cryptocurrency, innovative solutions from Radical Markets like quadratic funding etc. This native token may not be recognized as top as BNB but still a great native token to have around in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you holding any native tokens that may boom?
Most of the exchange tokens performed poorly during the last run, so I hold none of them. They do have a potential for a decent 2x to 3x, but nothing is exciting about them enough to get more attention.
Initially, native tokens of exchange were created as a transaction fee on an exchange. Many exchange users were interested in owning native tokens where they traded because they would get reduced fees. Binance is the crypto exchange with the most users, so BNB coin is always used as their coin trading pair, and has the highest market cap compared to other native token exchanges. I think BNB is also very good as a long-term investment. Currently I only have a small amount of BNB.
I am not interested in these tokens, since they depend too much on the performance of the exchange, since what happened to the FTT token after the collapse of FTX I have no interest in these tokens, I had some interest in CRO token of Crypto.com exchange, but not anymore.
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