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What if: Brainstorming for Forum Genre and Discussion Specifics

Joshua Farrell

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Sep 21, 2023
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This is a what if situation.

Lets say you had someone come along and asks you to help them make a forum or website, or perhaps, asks you what you would like to see in your dream site, and would be willing to help you put it together; what would you put on it?

I've personally always wanted to create a forum, where even though there is a basic general discussion area to talk about most things, that people could join up groups on the forum, that specializes discussion in certain genres, giving the ability for one to leave the discussion completely if conflicting opinions rise, by leaving the group itself, and not the forum itself.
Having a group in the forum it self is actually a great idea, this would help you easily fish out does who have the same mindset as yourself and most importantly easily have a team for certain projects if the case ever arise. I think it would be nice to also have a health section in forums. These days there are so many people who do not take their health seriously or simply do things that would damage their health overtime simply because they where not aware. Having a health section would help us tackle most of these things.
I love this idea of yours, you must have gotten your inspiration from Facebook and that's cool.
Having groups on forum can attract more members to the forum because at this point you tend to bring people to join a group of what they like and not a general ground where different topics are shared and everybody comment.
I think you will integrate groups in a forum or a site where there are many users. In forum where there is few hundred members, integrating groups will not be beneficial to the forum because most of the groups will not be active. It will work only for a site that have tens of thousands of members or millions of members.
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